Our Signature treatments are exclusive to The Fountain, having been designed by us to reflect our true passion for beauty therapy. Each treatment is trained thoroughly in house so that all of our therapists give a fabulous treatment that has been drawn from our experience and knowledge.

Pure Heaven – 60 minutes £55.00

Relaxing and pampering – revitalising – mini facial – back massage – hot stones.

A taste of what we do best. A deeply relaxing back massage using hot stones is followed with a revitalising facial. Pure heaven!

Stress Reduction Massage – 45 minutes £42.00

Stress relieving – relaxing – soothing – back and shoulder massage – intense – our top massage.

This massage uses specific techniques concentrating on the areas of the back, neck and shoulders most affected by stress. We use a combination of techniques and hot stones to ensure that every day stress just melts away.

The Fountain Back Treatment – 60 minutes £50.00

Back cleanse and exfoliation – soothing and nourishing – deeply relaxing back massage- scalp massage.

A treat for this hard to reach area. Your back is cleansed and polished and then soothed and nourished with a deeply relaxing back massage. A scalp massage completes this relaxing treat.

The Fountain Signature Facial – 60 minutes £68.00

All skin types – dehydrated – dry – acne/oily – dull – stressed and sensitive – revitalizing-age defying and results driven.

Let us design a treatment just for you. If you don’t want to worry about choosing the right facial, then let us decide for you! Lay back and relax while one of our trained experts closely analyses your skin’s needs and designs a treatment just for you. Rooted in the classic European facial, this tailored treatment infuses into your skin the precise ingredients to leave your skin balanced and radiant. Calming and effective facial techniques increase the skins receptivity to these precise ingredients, while offering you absolute pampering and pleasure. Included are: Age Defying, Dehydrated, Dry, Acne/Oily, Dull Stress, Sensitive and Revitalizing.

Balinese Massage – 90 minutes £80.00

Deep massage – full body – face and scalp – relaxing – energising.

This massage uses an unusual combination of dry techniques followed by warming oil, allowing for stronger penetration deep into the muscles and tissue, using the therapist’s body weight and energy in a unique way. It’s possibly the best massage ever!

Green Tea Abdomen treatment – 60 minutes £60.00

Effective, non-invasive colonic treatment – sluggish digestion – bloating – water retention – treats internal digestive system – skin firming – deep, systematic massage – reduces colon blockages and fatty deposits around the abdomen – relieves tension and bloating – perfect before a big event or holiday – for optimum results a course of 2 treatments per week for 5 weeks is recommended.

If you ever have that feeling of a sluggish digestion, bloating and water retention then help is at hand in the form of Gerard’s Green Tea Abdomen Treatment. Often described claimed as a non-invasive colonic treatment, it has a dual action that treats both the internal digestive system and firms the skin on the outside. A sequence of firm, systematic massage techniques help reduce blockages in the colon. The products used in the massage and the mask actively reduce fatty deposits around the abdomen area. You are left looking firm and feeling relieved of tension and bloating. Perfect before a big event, holiday or for those suffering with common abdominal problems. For optimum results a course of 2 treatments per week for 5 weeks is recommended.

Total Body Experience – 120 minutes £110

Relaxing – pampering – luxurious – nourishing – full body exfoliation and massage – facial – scalp massage.

Skin brushing and gentle exfoliation is complemented by a full body massage using hot stones to rejuvenate the mind and senses. This is followed by a rejuvenating Facial designed to hydrate and nourish the face and scalp. All products are chosen to suit your needs on the day to make this your personalised luxurious and pampering treat.


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