Spring 2020 is coming!

February 19th, 2020

Well, there is quite a lot going on at The Fountain this season. For those of you who have been using our App you may notice that it has been refreshed and upgraded. Like lots of new things there are a few teething problems such as not remembering your courses – this is something the developers are aware of and trying to rectify but in the meantime please email us and let us know relax@fountainbeauty.co.uk

Facials at The Fountain

It’s too easy to look at a Facial as a treat. Don’t! We all make time for our Dentist or Hairdresser and our face is what we look at every day in the mirror.  One facial can bring about visible improvements but regular facials can be the difference between good skin and great skin, with lasting results. At The Fountain we have two ‘results driven brands’ – Environ and Natura Bisse.

Natura Bissé skincare believe that every skin has its own voice. Every day is a new story for each of us. Our mood varies. Our sleep fluctuates. The weather shifts. Change is constant, and change affects our skin. Natura Bissé philosophy is that your skincare must adapt to you. 

Environ Skincare is a cosmeceutical range that bridges the gap between beauty and science. Developed by a world-renowned aesthetic surgeon, the powerful formulations contain highly active vitamins, antioxidants, peptides and penetrant enhancers to protect and rejuvenate skin. Whatever your skin concern, there’s an Environ range designed to address your skin’s specific needs and deliver incredible, measurable results.

At The Fountain we believe in the the Products and the Treatments we offer you, our clients. Some of our Treatment names have changed recently and some of the protocols from Environ too. We are always here to help you choose the right facial for you and we even have our Signature Facial which can be tailored to you that day – its a great place for us to start taking care of your skin. Shall we get you booked in now then? https://www.fountainbeauty.co.uk/treatments/facials/




Sienna x have a new tan colour – the newOlive Spray Tan Solution, with a formulated olive based guide colour and developed tone for that Mediterranean look. This comes in two intensities but is definitely still a natural look


Pigmentation has a complex set of causes ranging from hormonal influences to too much sun exposure to our genetic make-up which can combine to form unevenly coloured patches. The good news, however, is that discoloration and patchy pigmentation can be controlled and repaired in many cases. 

As an exclusive offer we after giving you Mela Fade Serum System after your Environ Vitamin Facial to use at home. 

There are two serum in the homecare pack, A and B that we are giving away with your Environ Facial – its as simple as that! With these two serums, Environ is leading the way with the fight against pigmentation by tackling the root cause of pigmentation and preventing further patches from developing. The Vita-Botanical Mela-Fade system uses a combination of intelligent ingredients to lighten and brighten, reduce hyperpigmentation leaving the skin radiant and more evenly toned. This Mela Fade System is worth £65

Beyond Matte Fountain from Jane Iredale 

Finding the perfect Foundation apparently, on average, takes about 7 attempts! Jane Iredale have recently launched their Beyond Matte foundation which is a multi tasker as it Primes, conceals and evens out your skin tone all in one game-changing, skin-smoothing step for a semi-matte finish.  This now means that our favourite clean make up range has 6 different types of foundations! So now not only do we need to test the colour we also need to decide which medium we prefer (ie BB cream, pressed powder, tinted moisturiser etc). No wonder that when we find one we like we tend to stick with it for 5-7 years.  We now have little pots so that you can take the one you choose home and try it for 7 days to help you decide so next time you are in salon do have a try for yourself and find the best Foundation for you.


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